VastuShastra for a harmonious living

VastuShastra for a harmonious living

Vastu shastra is a very relevant methodology that utilises the five elements of nature, guiding builders and architects to create a state of balance and harmony. The vital forces that govern the principles of creation are the five elements of nature: air, water, space, earth and fire. Our dwellings are under the constant influence of these forces of nature. The basic principles of Vastu enable us to achieve balance; giving more flexibility of body & mind for a better life. When the harmony between these elements gets disturbed, our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill health and curbs our peace of mind. The prominence of vastu shastra in modern buildings lies in its ability to regulate cosmic energy, conducive to overall prosperity and well-being of its inhabitants. The extensive scope of Vastu involves compliance from the stage of selection of plot to planning ideal position of rooms, execution of design, entries and exits of rooms, choice and placement of furniture and fixtures. Green plants and trees add an element of beauty to a home and also contribute to fresh oxygen and cleanse the air. With the choice of the right plants that comply with the principles of Vastu, placed in the right direction, keeps the surrounding positively energized.

Some common principles that determine Vastu compliance:
    • – Orientation guidelines that are direction-related facts to allow a living space to maximize cosmic energy force of five elements.
    • – Site planning concepts that are associated with the design layout, applicable in construction of a living space.
    • – Proportion measurement contribute to the harmony of dimensions in a property: length, size, breadth, thickness and interspace management.
    • – Dimensions principles involving foundation/base, column, entablature, wings, roof and dome.
    • – Aesthetics that gives a character of rhythm, congenial for smooth and happy living.
Remedial Solutions in Vastu

In the current scenario of modern living, factors like scarcity of space result in houses being built without vastu adherence, in principle. Vastu Shastra is a science that has to be applied at the macro level, from pre- construction stage. But it also provides solutions for non-compliance. A ‘dosham’ can be corrected by using factors that regulates the magnetic forces that are causing negative vibrations or stagnation. Micro level remedies can be suggested by our experts to create equilibrium of forces, which would involve for eg. : Changing colours, Symbols of specific geometric shape or size, rearranging placements or shifting certain fixtures, adding some plants to create equilibrium. There are logical explanations that prescribe desirable characteristics that allow positive flow of energy. Every house needs to be enriched with positive vibrations. Vastu shastra helps to create the atmosphere that would attract them and provide abundance and happiness.

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