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We consistently meet and exceed standards throughout the entire project, delivering quality outcomes. At Combine Arc, we promise an end-to-end consumer service that includes smooth coordination, budgeting, staffing, on-site organisation, and quality work. With our luxury designs and architecture, you get to elevate your class seamlessly. At Combine Arc, we are committed to sustainability and recognise that our success depends not only on the nature of projects, services, and financial results but also on how we fulfill our health, safety, environmental and social obligations. In every initiative we pursue, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our industry.


Building your dream home to your exact requirements should be an exciting experience, not an overwhelming one. That’s why our team of talented and professional designers, architects, and engineers will collaborate with you at every point to ensure that your beautiful home becomes a reality. We make sure that all of our designs display our professional artisanship, realising your dreams of space.

We realize that every customer and every project is unique – so we don’t work on pre-set guidelines or rely on “off-the-shelf solutions.” We deliver a completely tailor-made consulting experience to your specific needs, with the vision and the imagination to come up with the right solution every time. Our breadth of expertise, understanding, and professional skills across fields, including technical, planning, and, community management ensures that we always add new perspectives to your projects.



Architecture is much more than just symbolic. Artfulness stems from the intent and challenge of solving, finding possibilities, and doing it in newer, different, more creative ways, focused on technology and socio-cultural evolution. At Combine Arc, we innovatively approach architecture through experimentation and holistic thought, basing our design on the symbiotic relationship between land, shape, structure, processes, and materials to drive high-performance buildings and homes.

Our team of interior designers recognise your passions and tastes to include creative and elegant interiors, decor, textiles, and design. We work with you to build a cohesive look and feel and produce luxurious interior designs that are intelligent, dynamic, and elegant, filled with innovation and passion. Each project is as personalized as a piece of art or fashion and is precisely this expression of quality and dedication to every detail that has seen foreign clients and NRIs becoming loyal supporters of Combine Arc, with every new home or international investment.



We shape your property into a pleasant living space. We make sure we fulfill your dreams if you have bought a new home, or you want to redesign it and give it a personalized feel and look, or if you need a full renovation. We fully convert your living area with your upgrades and extensions for additional living space, balancing it with an open and comfortable feel.

Whether you are trying to extend homes, consolidate existing infrastructure, or deploy newly constructed ecosystems, our project team has the expertise, resources, and experience required to provide high-end facilities that transform your projects to your heart’s content.

Be it traditional or contemporary, a heritage project, a manor house, or Naalukettu, every timber frame structure we create is attune to your needs and wishes. Our seasoned team of carpenters, planners, project managers, and support staff will lead you through your construction, step by step, from concept to execution, so you know that your project is safe in our hands.

Special Projects